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Investment research should be free.

Investing can be risky. You need as much information at your disposal as possible in order to make the best decisions. If all the best financial information is locked up behind a paywall then it becomes more difficult to do the proper research.

Simple price charts or other current metrics just aren't enough for serious investors. We want to see years and years of data, and we want it to be easy to digest. We also want to be able to easily compare multiple companies at once. And it should be super fast and free. Well, we couldn't find any service like that so we created it ourselves!

Our founders are serious investors. We spend countless hours looking at charts trying to determine if a stock is a good buy. We don't like investment fees, so that means we don't want to pay hundreds of dollars or more a year to do research on one of the other research sites. We created a site that we actually want to use. Hopefully it will help you as well. Enjoy!

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